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Soulful Diamonds
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The Diamond Library Soulful Diamonds

in brief

The story of The Diamond Library is similar to the story of a diamond itself.

Unable to stop seeing blood on the diamonds, while searching for the perfect engagement ring, the founder resolved to change the way the world sees the fire in a diamond. The diamond, as created by the brilliance of time and man, should have been known for its cut, colour and clarity, not for the stories of blood and brutality which precede it before reaching our finger.

With the fire now burning deep within him and the driving pressure to bring diamonds, clean from the burden of guilt, the stage was now set. With evolution in tech for 100% Laboratory Diamonds, the Diamond Library finally 'erupted to the surface' in all its sparkle for the world to see.

And through their website design & development, it was Enliven's task to exhibit the sparkle of The Diamond Library for the world to see.

  • esthetic approch
  • indepth details and functionality
The Diamond Library Soulful Diamonds

Cut, Colour & Clarity – The Enliven Way

Seldom does it happen in the scope of history that nature and man create something equally spectacular. Only this time, man was more efficient. And making the world realize this was the most crucial element.

Cut, Colour & Clarity – The Enliven Way

And the first step to this was to transparently and confidently compare every stage of a natural diamond’s journey with that of the journey of a diamond from The Diamond Library i.e. – comparing formation, practices in inventory, business model, valuation, etc. totally.

This would help clear the mind of any preconceived notions and help place the trust of customers in our diamonds by answering their question ‘Why The Diamond Library’. And this was just half the battle.

The Power of Nature, In The Hands of the Consumer

The next step wasn’t just a shopping experience, but the power of creation placed in the hands of the customer. Right from customizing the 4 Cs of a spectacular diamond to being able to view each piece in 360⁰ as if glowing under the perfect lights. We didn’t stop there. Want to ask your best friend what she thinks? Don’t know which ring size fits you the way you want it to? We have you covered. We held the customer’s hand through each step till they could imagine the same ring in their finger. And it was as smooth as sailing with the breeze.

Giving ‘The Diamond Library’, it’s Cut & Colour

The world’s eyes should behold The Diamond Library’s logo the same way our eyes behold a spectacular diamond – oozing out sophistication and rarity. And Blue was going to generate this sight. Blue also conveyed trust for ushering in a new era in the world of diamonds.

The font was chosen to reflect the process of a diamond creation at The Diamond Library, having only the most precise cuts, ridding away inefficiencies & unnecessary frills.

The Diamond Library Soulful Diamonds