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Inventory Mgmt. & RFID Tag Integration
An Application for Inventory Management
Digital Inventory Inventory Mgmt. & RFID Tag Integration


Hpj is the biggest jewellery house in India that is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, exporting and wholesaling of fine gold jewellery the company is located in Kolkata

Key Services

Inventory Management, RFID Reader, Weight Machine Integration


React Native, Node Js, MySql and PHP

The Objective

Implement an efficient inventory tracking solution for jewellery products to address the client’s inventory management challenges. This solution should incorporate robust mechanisms for recording and managing inventory information, including weight and images, to ensure accurate and streamlined inventory control processes.

Unique Problem to Solve

Problem 1

Develop and implement an optimized inventory recording system to reduce the per-product time required for capturing images, adding weight, and generating RFID tag prints in the client’s current framework.

Digital Inventory Inventory Mgmt. & RFID Tag Integration

Solution 1

We developed an innovative method for a customer to photograph jewellery products using their smartphones. Additionally, we incorporated a weigh scale device into the framework, enabling customers to weigh jewellery items with a single click. Furthermore, the framework includes a thermal printer for writing information onto RFID tags and printing product details.

With our refined approach, the time required to record inventory has been significantly reduced. On average, it now takes approximately 6 to 10 seconds to collect inventory information. This equates to the entry of 5-6 products into the inventory database every minute.

Problem 2

Improve efficiency in order processing during exhibitions by implementing a faster and more streamlined barcode scanning system for the client. This solution should significantly reduce the time required for scanning each barcode, thereby facilitating quicker order entry into the system and enhancing the overall customer experience during exhibitions.

Solution 2

Enliven devised a solution by developing a mobile application capable of scanning RFID tags, seamlessly connected to an RFID device. Contrasted with a traditional barcode scanner, this RFID tag reader boasts the ability to scan over 100 tags per minute.

Outcomes & Results

  • 6s to 10s

    Per product to collect information about image, weight, and RFID tag

  • -98%

    Time Reduced to capture Product Data

  • 100+

    RFID tags scan every minute through a Mobile App


The integration of RFID technology into our jewelry inventory management marked a pivotal moment for our operations. Thanks to Enliven’s invaluable support, the transition was seamless. Their expertise in crafting custom solutions proved instrumental in optimizing our processes.
Nikhil ParekhDirector at HPJ

Digital Inventory Inventory Mgmt. & RFID Tag Integration
Digital Inventory Inventory Mgmt. & RFID Tag Integration
Digital Inventory Inventory Mgmt. & RFID Tag Integration

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