All in One Touch
Jyoti’s and Industry’s first ever one touch access mobile app.
Jyoti All in One Touch

In Brief

An industry leader, Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.’s mobile app was crucial for their rapidly growing businesses and resultant customer service. It is also the first in their industry. We built an app that includes large data and various functions for the company. The design is minimalistic for easy navigation. The layout is structured to find information easily on the app. Also, the application uses various design tools and industry icons to simplify the large data. We succeeded in identifying right colors- black and yellow- to allow large information to be visually simple to find.

  • Single App All Functions
  • Visually Simple High in Utility

All in One Touch

Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd. Mobile App is an industry first. It brings information, business tools, and customer service on a single platform on the user’s fingertips. It is highly productive for the company to make available their product information, sales channel opportunities, customer service points and company information on the app. Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd. is now accessible 24*7 in any corner of the world on multiple screens- this is the potential and power of the digitally savvy company.

All in One Touch
Jyoti All in One Touch
  • Jyoti CNC App Login Screen and Product Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App Product List Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App Product Detail Screen and Make Inquiry Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App Sales and Service Screen and Contact Us Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App About Screen and App Menu Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App News Media Screen and News Media Detail Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App News Media Category Screen and News Media Archive Screen
  • Jyoti CNC App Support Screen and User Terms Screen