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Beyond Bollywood Indie Cinema

In Brief

The Masters
Seldom does someone walk across our office who is so entrenched in the true meaning of their profession, that it goes beyond their craft, and becomes an art.

Beyond Bollywood asked us to design the digital contents for the screening of 4 of the best Indie Movies of its time. Post the screening, the event also featured Q&A sessions with the Directors, to delve into their minds and discover the process of creating their masterpiece

An Ode To The Masters
While the Directors took your breath away for a few hours, let us take your breath away for a few minutes with this teaser created for the event.

Chance For A Masterclass

We would be bad designers had we amplified something which already stood out. So, the movie posters became our foundation & their Master Directors – our stars.

The defining colour tone of a movie's poster was applied as the background colour & the creation and its creator received dominant space. Having captured attention, remaining crucial details were relegated in other clearly discernable spaces, in minimal words.

Adding value to our client's ask, the typography of 'Beyond Bollywood', was conceptualized with its rounded alphabets symbolizing a creative mind and the alphabet's flow, communicating a confident self-expression.

Beyond Bollywood Indie Cinema
Beyond Bollywood Indie Cinema