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According to a 2021 report by Brand essence Market Research, the global Digital Transformation Consulting market size is expected to register a CAGR of 7.5% over the forecasted growth period. Consultancies specializing in digital transformation work with organizations to help them move to the digital world. Digital consultants provide solutions tailored to business goals, budgets, and technology. Improving customer experience may frequently be a driving force in digital changes, whether adding an online purchasing function or building a mobile application. Quality, expertise, and innovation are vital facets businesses look for when hiring a technology development consultancy. And this is where Kishan Adesara comes in!

The gentleman is the Founder and CEO of Rajkot-based Enliven Digital Content, a full-service technology & software Development Company that has become a leader in the IT industry’s digital consultancy segment within a short time.

Come, let’s have a look at his company, offerings, entrepreneurial journey, business outlook & more.

Company overview & offerings

Based in Rajkot, Enliven was founded in 2008 by Kishan Adesara on the conviction that imagination and technology have an intertwined & interdependent relationship. Accordingly, every software solution/service by Enliven is a creative endeavour to outperform existing solutions and offer a richer, streamlined, and friendlier user experience. To this day, the company adheres to its motto of empowering clients with innovative use of digital technology.

The company offers a wide range of IT services:

  • Customized designing and development of:
  • ERP (software to manage and run business activities like Sales, CRM, Purchase, Finance, Inventory, Production & Planning, and HR & Payroll)
  • Digital manufacturing solutions (HMI, Industry 4.0)
  • Customized software with integration of IoT
  • E-commerce platforms with advanced management tools
  • Project management software
  • Websites, mobile apps, and progressive web applications
  • A technology partner with end-to-end solutions
  • Server/cloud deployment and management

Enliven offers customized solutions to clients from an array of sectors – manufacturing, automotive, education, travel & hospitality, Fintech, healthcare, logistics, E-commerce, and start-ups looking for a tech partner.

Expertise in ERP solutions

When it comes to ERP (enterprise resource planning), the output from most software is in raw format without any detailed report. This hinders many non-tech-savvy customers who require the data related to their production, sales, and other modules to make smarter business decisions. But not anymore.

Kishan Adesara’s company has mastered the art of developing micro-level customized full-fledged ERP solutions with end-to-end user implementation and process integration with the third party. It allows end-users to generate detailed customizable MIS report by themselves, thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

What sets Enliven apart

At Enliven, the goal isn’t to just create ingenious IT solutions. It has more to do with making a positive impact on clients, no matter their business model. The brand helps customers gain a competitive advantage via efficiency, innovation, dynamism, authenticity, and quality. That’s what constitutes the DNA of the brand.

Enliven works with start-ups, small businesses, and large organizations with the same hunger to create creative solutions. It helps businesses optimize various areas by examining their needs and implementing the right process with digital tools. Furthermore, it provides end-to-end digital consultancy and products that help customers gain the upper hand in terms of technical expertise.

Inception to inspiration

Enliven’s journey began back in 2008 as a branding company. In 2009, it started rendering premium web solutions. In 2013, it enabled managing premium hosting services. The following year, Enliven converted to a full technology solutions provider and started providing full-fledged ERP solutions. In 2018, the company has created industry 4.0 and HMI solutions.

Recently, in 2020, the zeal for innovation has powered Enliven to enter the digital development consultancy market, thus adding one more feather to its cap.

As a technology partner, Enliven has helped many start-ups in areas related to technology, digital development, and product development. The result is streamlined daily processes, superior customer service, and improved organizational growth

reveals – Mr. Adesara

Balancing personal & professional life

Mr. Adesara lives a much-synthesized life, with few boundaries between personal and professional. He feels good time management skills are essential for CEOs.

The businessman often takes spur-of-the-moment vital breaks to recharge himself. A thought leader in his own right, Mr. Kishan is an avid admirer of Hans Zimmer, who changed the way music is created and provided equal opportunities for the community.

Staying ahead in a dynamic industry

Technology is a rapidly evolving sector, especially nowadays where it is providing an opportunity for endless creativity, innovation, and an environment that can fuel someone’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr. Adesara believes research and development is an essential driver of a company’s growth as it spurs innovation, invention, and progress. R&D is also the key to tackling problems and inefficiencies, and so the techpreneur consistently challenges his team to think of new ways to combine technology with hardware and provide end-user integration solutions.

Notable milestones & achievements

Some of Enliven’s noteworthy milestones include:

Starting full-fledged digital development consultation with a well-known US-based diamond manufacturing firm.

Helping a start-up in the medical segment as a Technology partner.

Creating multiple HMIs for various industries and user applications with complete cross integration of hardware and third-party applications. The experience helped the brand develop HMI for ventilators with a very short span in the 2020 pandemic.

Creating a digital presence for MNC in India which was eventually established as most dominant and recognized by its association body.

Creating an IoT tool equivalent to the standards of industry giants.

Employee-centricity drives the company’s work culture

Mr. Kishan takes pride in building a talent pool that can translate ideas into technology and digital platforms. “We are an absolutely team-driven company, so the company’s very growth dependent on the team’s growth. Our core motive is to create an intellectually nourishing environment for each employee. Likewise, we provide special time and training sessions to explore new technologies, processes and learn new trends in the technology market”, shares the businessman.

Similarly, on the CSR front, the company has been actively involved in providing freshers with free training programs and various philanthropic causes.

Kishan Adesara’s vision for the future

The businessman aims to market the company in a way that it becomes a well-known brand in a digital development consultancy. His plans remain flexible enough to expand Enliven’s portfolio if an intriguing opportunity crops up in IoT, AI, Blockchain, Fintech, and other areas.

Message for readers

To young entrepreneurs, the experienced tech maven advises, “Always take care of your team, nurture new talents, and provide equal opportunities to everyone, which will help you and your company grow.”