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A premier software and technology development company

The influence of technology on our daily life is significantly greater than we realize. It has altered how we interact, mingle, and enjoy ourselves, and it is rapidly expanding. Technology has influenced our lives in practically every manner, from the smartphone revolution to sustainable energy. Delivery services, online payments, and the internet that we use daily are all examples of technology that has made our lives simpler.

The business has undergone a significant transformation as a result of technological advancements. It assists organizations in analyzing and planning strategies that are tailored to their specific requirements. IT’s utmost precision has aided firms in maximizing earnings.

ENLIVEN is a premier technology and software development firm that provides a broad range of services. Enabling the next generation’s usage of technology to be as easy as possible.

Let’s look at how ENLIVEN has influenced the corporate world:

They offer digital consulting and products to assist companies to improve the efficiency and reliability of their digital processes and tools. The company assists organizations in a variety of ways by analyzing their requirements and delivering efficient procedures using digital technologies, like industrial digital automation, business intelligence, customized ERP, end-to-end user deployment, and third-party process integration.

We are using the latest technologies for our software development and by using the same we have developed HMI for the healthcare segment in just 90 days.

says the founder Kishan Adesara

Your Problems, Their Solutions

If you are tired of using the old vintage processes for your organizational growth- Enliven has a team of experts in providing seamless complete new-age digital solutions to smooth your daily process and improve your organizational growth.

Our company has the master capability in providing micro-level customized full-fledged ERP solutions

says Kishan Adesara.

Do you still plan your production using spreadsheets or paper? Do you have any difficulties doing so? The team provides a system with multiple production modules to help you design and manage your process.

If you are still managing all your key modules individually like, HR, Payroll, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, and Sales & CRM separately by doing individual entries in each module and completing the necessary tasks, the founder says that they have a solution for this which will save your time & cost. He quotes,

We have developed all these modules but the highlight is that all are interconnected with each other. It will be a one-time data entry and you can avoid data duplications. Moreover, you can always generate detailed customizable MIS reports by yourself.

If you want to make the on-floor process much easier, the founder adds that the team of Enliven has a solution of HMI for operation confirmation.

We are into the 4th industrial revolution era. If management wants to have machine information on tip of the finger, then we have a solution of Industry 4.0 for easy access. Our prospect benefits are agile development, timely delivery, 99.9% uptime, we use the latest technology for development, after-sales support, and permission-based access of data.

adds the founder

Meet Kishan Adesara

Kishan was never able to fit into stereotypes and always wanted to work on innovative projects. He always strived to improve by developing inspirational and inventive but productive things, as well as building a work atmosphere where like-minded people could join the team and produce miracles.

Kishan is an avid reader. His favorite ones are Digital Fortress from Dan Brown, Veronika decides to die from Paulo Coelho, and Slave Girl by Jackie French. Apart from reading, he is an avid admirer of Hans Zimmer and Michael Cretu.

He is a compassionate person at heart, and humility comes first in all situations. Even when there are mistakes, he looks for the causes behind them and works to correct them, resulting in a more synergized team. He always made room for teams to take charge and be accountable for their initiatives and projects, including their failures.

He believes that to stay up with the technology era, the employees must embrace web information, monitor what other business counterparts are doing, schedule online training, attend numerous events and conferences, interact with the team, and make decisions. He has embraced the idea that businesses must adapt to technological advances to profit and grow their operations. Kishan feels that the success of a firm will be determined by technological breakthroughs.

Over the period technology has changed radically and it has more emphasis on creating more possibilities compared to problem-solving, which leads us to make radical changes in the service we offer including our SaaS products.

says the CEO

The team works to make technology that is simple to use. They work to provide a warm and welcoming work atmosphere, as well as a platform for future innovators to tackle future difficulties.

Our vision is to be a market leader in terms of creative products and services while also providing a platform for future problem solvers

says the founder

The Rise and Rise of Enliven

Single point of contact, rapid comprehension of requirements, superior ideas that are industry and audience suitable, quick answers, and no sacrifices on quality are just a few reasons why they succeed at what they do.

Creating a digital presence for MNC in India, which was subsequently established as the most dominating and recognized by its association body IMTMA, is one of the numerous milestones that the Enliven team has achieved. The second was to develop an Industry 4.0 (i 4.0) tool that competed directly with industry behemoths like Siemens. In the 2020 pandemic, the team created healthcare HMI for Ventilator in just 90 days. Besides serving more than fifty prestigious clients, Enliven has been serving successfully for more than 12 years.

Ladders of Success

The founder shares his perspective and insights that he believes are the stepping stones to building a great company and being a successful entrepreneur. Here they are:

  1. Take care of the team, and the team will take care of clients.
  2. Success does not come with just effort and hard work, you will need a bit of luck. But fortune only favors the brave.
  3. You learn from your experiences.
  4. Keep on jumping, no one knows when the right opportunity strikes.
  5. If you cannot generate money from your expertise then use it in helping others.