Technologies like computers, the Internet, & Smartphones, have taken a huge leap recently. As per, there were 4.9 billion internet users worldwide in 2021. This means almost a third of the Earth’s population is connected to the internet. And today’s market and business segments can give many examples of this revolution. People have loved & adopted technology over time. Also, they have utilized Custom Software Development to the best. Zomato is the best example. 10-12 years ago, nobody in India thought there would be software to deliver food to their doorstep! This all is possible due to Custom Software development. If adopted well, it can do wonders for your business. So, let’s talk about Custom Software Development.

What is Custom Software Development

We all know the buzzword “Software Development”. It is a practice of building software. Examples include Anti-Virus software, WhatsApp, VLC player, etc. These all software are built and suitable for the general public. This doesn’t apply across various businesses. Requirements for different businesses are different.

For this situation, the word “Custom” comes to the rescue. Custom Software Development means getting customized software developed to suit your business needs. Kind of like Readymade vs Tailored clothes. Tailored clothes fit you very well compared to Readymade. The same applies to software and business. Custom Software is meant to suit your business needs.

“How do they get customized software?” you might ask. The answer is that they contact software development companies like us to get it built. These companies discuss their business needs with us. We help them understand what solutions can work. Finally, we build Custom Mobile and Computer Apps to suit their needs. Let’s understand why Custom Software can be better for your business.

Why Custom Software is Better for your business

Having understood about Custom Software Development, let’s talk about the “Why” part here. In today’s competition, businesses rely on their unique selling points to stand out. Here, Custom Software can help them offer these unique points to customers. Besides, there are many advantages of having your software like :

  • Addresses all requirements
  • Increased productivity & Security
  • Cost Saving
  • Time-Saving
  • Scalability

These are the key and crucial advantages of going Custom. Businesses & Industrial segments are using Custom Software Development to grow their business. Let’s talk about what makes them go for Custom Software Development.

It Addresses All Requirements

As they say, “Not Everything suits everybody”. Likewise, not all off-the-shelf software suits everyone’s needs. Also, businesses rely on their unique selling points. This is why going for Custom Software becomes crucial.

For example, retailers used cash counters for billing. There, prices are entered manually. This is good for them but doesn’t suit malls’ and supermarkets’ needs. If they go with this, people will end up in large queues. Also, the customer experience is very bad as outlined in this article by Zebra. Therefore, malls need to go with Custom Software. Hence, they adopted the barcode scan tech. With this, scanning and billing happen in just a swipe. There are no long waiting times now!

Therefore, having software that meets your needs is important. To have your software, you can contact us at Enliven. We can understand your requirements and make just the Custom Software for you.

It Increases the Productivity

Well-built Custom software helps companies become more productive and focused. They can be liberated from mundane things. For example, managing employee attendance is a mundane task. Earlier, everything was manual & there was a possibility of fraud.

Now employees have RFID cards. Their attendance gets registered and managed automatically using the software. This liberates the company from this laborious job. It also improves the integrity and accuracy of the process.

It results in Cost Saving

Going for Custom Software may not seem very cost-effective in the initial stage. But the long-term gains & advantages can outrun the former. It also saves organizations from financial burden due to hikes in subscription fees. For off-the-shelf software, the user is at the mercy of the company price policies.

The POSTMAN API tool is a practical example. Its pricing depends on user count and features. For example, for a company with 3 developers, a Pro subscription costs around ~ 22,000 INR/month. This is pretty high. Compared to this, a custom software cost can outrun the initial cost in the longer run.

For such software development solutions, you can contact our company.

It results in Time Saving

Custom software can help companies save time and deliver on time. Companies can identify what areas can be taken care of by the software and automate the same. For example, your business is spread across various geo-locations. You want to track the payment & goods delivery status for all the locations.

Off-the-shelf solutions might give you both trackings separately. This might not be convenient for you as an owner. So, designing a dashboard that allows you to list and see the parameters of interest is a great choice. It can give you the real-time big picture about business progress in all geo-locations. This can result in great time saving and easy decision making.

It provides good scalability for your business

Custom software can help you achieve scalability for your business. Uber and Ola are the best examples of this. Earlier, taxi booking services were limited to some cities. They could not serve PAN India unless they had physical offices there.

But with the help of Custom software and unique features, Ola & Uber are omnipresent. They can swiftly navigate both drivers and consumers and collect revenue on time. As per TechCrunch, they served 40 Lakh rides/week in 2021.

Conclusions : Custom Software Development can do wonders for your business

As discussed, custom software development can help your business achieve goals and growth. It helps for Productivity and smooth business processes. It saves both time and money and helps in scalability.

Ultimately, you and your clients can do business with ease and happiness. This is where our company Enliven can step in and help you. We specialize in various areas of business software development. We support software related to Sales & CRM, Purchase, and Finance. We also help in software for Shop floor management, customer support, HR, mobile apps, kiosk, etc.

Get in touch to know how you and us work together to help your business grow!