Fast deployments and a productive pipeline solely depend on DevOps. As a method of software development, it enables businesses to produce better software through improved organizational collaboration. However, not everyone is equipped with the resources needed to successfully implement DevOps into their infrastructure.

In 2020, it was estimated that the DevOps market was worth $6.78 billion worldwide, and it is expected to grow to $57.90 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 24.2% between 2021 and 2030.

DevOps service providers have therefore broadened their reach and now seamlessly provide special DevOps as a Service (Daas) support to those who require DevOps but are unable to properly implement the methodology on their own. Daas service providers such as Enliven, are extremely helpful for capturing the transformative aspects of DevOps. Let’s, therefore, learn everything there is to know about DevOps and DevOps as a service.

DevOps: What is it?

A software development methodology called DevOps brings together developers (dev) and operations (ops). It makes use of methods, guidelines, and practices that foster an integrating mindset across cultures. One of the main objectives of the DevOps methodology is a software development lifecycle that is robust and effective as a result of united teams.

DevOps also creates more integrated operations that are geared toward velocity by eliminating the silos typical of the tech sector. Due to the integration of the roles of administration and development, continuous integration and delivery enable projects and teams to produce rapid incremental releases.

The DevOps methodology puts forth four principles that will enhance your company’s development practices:

  • Automation:
    Through automation, all pipeline processes (such as testing) that don’t need human intervention can run more quickly, increasing flexibility and velocity.
  • Collaboration on all fronts:
    Developers concentrate on the code, while operations improve the workflow. Without collaboration, the two parties will form silos and communication will break down. DevOps bridges that gap, resulting in capable and informed team members who can carry out the strategy.
  • Efficiency:
    DevOps tracks performance to identify areas for development, such as corporate procedures. DevOps engineers invest resources to take advantage of new tools or systems that can boost velocity.
  • Feedback:
    Management will find it difficult to produce products that satisfy users if it does not pay attention to the opinions of all stakeholders, including customers and developers. DevOps incorporates strong feedback loops with all parties to help deliver releases that meet client standards.

6 Key Reasons Why You Should Choose DevOps

Once Red Adair said — “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”

Your company can greatly benefit from outsourcing your DevOps implementation in several ways, including the following:

Obtain senior talent

Service providers of DevOps, like Enliven, have solid connections to knowledgeable professionals. You can have seasoned DevOps engineers working on implementation from day one if you combine that with a well-thought-out hiring procedure. With minimal training and onboarding, you can save time and money.

Speed Up Delivery

Your development cycle is streamlined by the tasks that outsourcing services take on. Engineers with the most recent tools add immediate value to the software lifecycle, from setting up organizational infrastructure for continuous testing to redefining team strategy for cross-functional production. Additionally, new talent can enrich your pipeline with cutting-edge knowledge.

Reduce The Risk of Human Resources

Human resources management is handled in its entirety by remote team providers. As a result, concerns about taxes, licenses, software integrations, and office space are all put on the back burner. Employers should focus more on hiring for specific job duties and requirements and less on direct management or development monitoring. Only hire professionals who will blend in well with the company culture from a pool of candidates. So, there is less labor and investment risk.

Cut Costs

Instead of building the entire team in-house, it is much more affordable to turn to DevOps as a service provider. These businesses can offer specialized skills, like DevOps-as-a-Service with AWS, for particular tasks at prices that are far more appealing than hiring internal staff members who would need to pursue further education.

Boost collaboration

The majority of DevOps service providers actively promote teamwork by breaking down silos. Additionally, a lot of them offer full teams of specialists who cover every competency. Sharing expertise enables other team members to advance their skills through peer learning. A more innovative work environment results from the value placed on failure and experimentation.

Utilize less vital business resources

You’ll have more time to concentrate on business-critical operations with the help of a DevOps service provider. So that you can focus on business expansion and your role’s responsibilities, let professionals handle the software development process.

How can DevOps as a Service change your business?

The following success metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be tracked by all DevOps-as-a-Service providers to track observable pipeline improvements:

  • Rapid deployment:
    The quantity, frequency, and efficiency of deployments
  • Cycle lead times:
    The time required to create or modify new code
  • Change success:
    The number of changes, the frequency with which those changes failed, and problems with problematic deployments
  • Application performance:
    Monitoring customer tickets, uptimes actually experienced, and response times

Choosing A DevOps Service Provider Is Your First Step

There are many DevOps service providers to choose from, and they all take a different approach to project development and DevOps integrations. Take into account that whomever you hire will play a significant role in the composition and overall structure of your organization as a technical partner.

Are you interested in finding out more about our DevOps services? Enliven is excited to collaborate with you and demonstrate why we should be your go-to service provider. For the past few years, they’ve offered extensive five-star DevOps services to a wide range of industries. They’re one of the fastest growing companies in this industry and are known for their top-notch timely agile development process services.